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Rubber, PVC, TPE and silicone products, adhesion and sealing profiles for

Wooden Door-Window Manufacturers
Manufacture of aluminum door-window.
Container-Cabin-Business Mach. Iml.
Steel Door Manufacturers
Frame Manufacturers
Manufacturers of Vessels
Hospital Equipment Manufacturers
Manufacturers Body Shop
Machinery Manufacturers
Furniture Manufacturers
Car Upholsterers
Auto Repair and Maintenance Services
Auto Spare Dismantlers
Board Manufacturers
Prefabricated Building Manufacturers
Manufacturers of Precast-Concrete Formwork
Defense Industry
Car Industry
Our Products

  • Glass Tires

  • U Profiles

  • Bumper Seals

  • Tires Clamps

  • Door Frame Tires

  • Special EPDM Profiles

  • Private Sponge Profiles

  • Piston Rings

  • Flock Profiles

  • Steel Door Profiles

  • Special PVC Profiles

  • SacI EPDM Profiles

  • Pass-Haired Profiles

  • Door Sealing Tires

  • Sticking Luggage Tires

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